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Tenure & Promotion Books

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Daring Greatly has inspired me to be more courageous, connected, and vulnerable. In addition, Daring Greatly has been instrumental in changing my paradigm about being vulnerable and creating possibilities where no possibilities appear to exist. This…

The promise of stress-free productivity is an alluring one for academics in particular because so much of our work is self-supervised. Getting Things Done revolutionized my work style and made me more organized and prolific. It has been my…

I was given a copy of this book as a child, and I believe what followed is one of the major reasons I became a librarian. I fell in love with this story, and quickly discovered other titles by this author which I also devoured. Whenever I went into a…

Dr. Irvin Borish was an internationally-recognized optometrist and is referred to as the father or architect of optometry because of his great leadership and influence on the development of the profession and optometric education. Before he passed in…

I selected this book because it is the quintessential manifestation of my work as a scholar. Using deductive and inductive reasoning borrowing heavily from Wittgenstein and other philosophers, Kerr provides a philosophical cat-and-mouse narrative…