Anointed & Adorned: Installation images


Anointed & Adorned: Installation images
Curated by Pat Jasper & Angel Quesada. Folklife and Civic Engagement Department, Houston Arts Alliance.
Anointed and Adorned explores continuity and change in the artistry and festivity of Indian weddings in Houston. A complex mix of East and West, ancient and modern, Indian weddings here offer participants the opportunity to enjoy the traditions of the mother country performed with nuances that reflect a Western environment. They celebrate the beauty that resides in the old and accustomed alongside the appeal of the new and surprising.

The exhibition was created as a part of programming associated with the Houston Arts Alliance Folklife + Civic Engagement Program.
Pat Jasper; Sohil Maknojia; Dylan Reid; Angel Quesada; Rati Ramadas; Carl Lindhal
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