The Couples

Pooja and Gautam Patankar

Pooja Pratankar talks about the mood of an Indian wedding. Interview by Rati Ramadas.

Meera and Adip Desai

Meera Gupta: regarding Tradition and ritual of an Indian wedding. Interview by Rati Ramadas.

Alka Tripathy and Tom Lang

Alka Tripathy talks about how the community is a part of the wedding. Interview by Rati Ramadas.

In Houston’s large Indian community, there is much opportunity to marry within the group — either through arranged or via so-called “love” matches. However, in weddings involving two partners of Indian descent, it can still be complicated by different ethnicities or cultural regions. Weddings that entail mixed pairing of an Indian with a Western partner, the cultural calculus may be even more convoluted. In Houston, this is common enough that there are wedding planners who specialize in bridging these differences between couples and families and traditions.

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