Exhibit curated by Kennedy Williams, Research for Aspiring Coogs in the Humanities (REACH) Program intern, Special Collections

The Caucus, as it is known today, has gone through many names. Known in the past as the Houston Gay Political Caucus, Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus, and GLBT Political Caucus, it has been around for decades. The Caucus is the longest running LGBT+ political organization in the South, and has had a major influence on the community in Texas.

The Caucus has dedicated itself to informing Houston’s LGBT+ community of their political rights and which political candidates will fight for them. Beyond that, the Caucus has also supported many events for the LGBT+ community, such as fundraisers and celebrations of political victories, including the Montrose High Prom, and events to support the 21.06 Appeal to the United States Supreme Court.

The Caucus has always been aware about its unique place in Houston LGBT+ history. From the very beginning, they knew that they were actively making history, and they embraced that role. From events, to voter registration and education, and major accomplishments such as the 21.06 appeal, the Caucus has a lot of history to celebrate.

Further information on the Caucus and on LGBT+ history in Houston

JD Doyle's Houston LGBT History website features a page on the Houston LGBTQ+ Political Caucus. JD Doyle is a Houston historian dedicated to cataloguing and preserving various media related to LGBTQ+ Houston history.

Houston ARCH Wiki, also known as the Houston Area Rainbow Coalition History, ARCH is a group of archivists, curators, and historians preserving and documenting LGBT+ history in Houston.

The Caucus Website is the official website of the Houston LGBTQ+ Political Caucus, now known only as the Caucus.

About the exhibit

This exhibit was curated by Kennedy Williams, Research for Aspiring Coogs in the Humanities (REACH) Program intern with UH Libraries Special Collections, in 2022.

The banner photograph of the Houston LGBTQ Political Caucus is used courtesy of photographer Austin Davis Ruiz.

"The Houston Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus: Selections from the Annise Parker and Kathy Hubbard Papers at the University of Houston Libraries Special Collections" is the 2022 Hollyfield Foundation Pride Exhibit for the LGBT History Research Collection.