Patrick Grady: Campus is Dead photographs

Description provided by creator: Campus is Dead. The images included are created by Pat Grady, a Media Productions and Studio Arts undergraduate student at the University of Houston. Pat has experienced what it's like living on campus at UH since May of 2020. Through his long walks, meditations, and reflections at various locations across campus he has spent a lot of time thinking on how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted his peers and himself on campus. When Pat feels like he has connected closely with a space, moment, or another person he likes to attempt to capture that moment with his 35mm Pentax K1000 that he has been shooting with for the past 2 years. The images included are extensions of Pat's experiences and reflections on campus since May of 2020. Some represent hope for a return to normalcy, some represent complacency in this new stagnant and distant world, and some represent much more depressive experiences during this unique time.

Chandler Skinner: apartment photographs

Description provided by creator: 4 photos taken in late August on 35mm color film in and from an apartment on Almeda Rd. Kodak Gold 400, Minolta X-700

Chandler Skinner: Moores School of Music photographs

Description provided by creator: Photos taken of the Moores School of Music on 35mm film in August 2020 before the start of classes. Kodak Gold 400, Minolta X-700