UH Timeline

Founded in 1927 as Houston Junior College, the University of Houston boasts a rich and unique history. From the humble beginnings of night classes held at San Jacinto High School, to the establishment of the four-year University of Houston in 1933, through the unprecedented growth of the student population following World War II, the establishment of the UH System in 1977, and on to the unparalleled academic achievements of the twenty-first century, the University of Houston's story in many ways reflects the growth and evolution of the city it calls home. Traditions like Shasta and the Cougar Paw, or the time-honored celebration of Frontier Fiesta, "the greatest college show on earth," maintain that history.

The UH Timeline captures many of these moments, documenting their time and context in the history of UH and providing access to related materials from the University of Houston Special Collections and University Archives.


Mary Manning, University Archivist